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Credit review companies often seek accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. This assures customers that the business is committed to maintaining internal compliance with the standards set forth by the BBB. Businesses that achieve accreditation have applied for the privilege. These applications have been evaluated and reviewed by the board of the BBB. This review may also be conducted by an appointed committee as well, and a final round of approval is necessary before the business will receive the credential.

  1. Superior Credit Repair is organized as a limited liability company, and it incorporated in 2009. Since becoming accredited by the BBB in 2013, it obtained the highest rating possible. This provides assurance to consumers who are interested in doing business with a company that conforms to the BBB’s standard of interaction with consumers. With a 100 percent positive rate of feedback, this company has managed to obtain the highest level of feedback from customers and the BBB rating system. Customers report having positive interactions with the professionals at Superior Credit. This includes noticeable improvements in the financial options available to formerly struggling customers.
  1. The service offerings at include fixing errors on the customer’s credit report, rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy and restoring relations with lenders. This credit repair company has an A+ rating from the BBB, and it obtained accreditation in 2013. Consumers can get a free credit report, and all transactions with the company are protected by SSL encryption to ensure privacy while the information is in transit online. This company helps consumers rebuild their credit after a bankruptcy. Customer reviews mention the staff’s friendliness, accuracy and speed.
  1. Show and Prove Credit Repair is another credit repair company that has an A+ rating from the BBB. This company offers a variety of extra services in addition to the usual credit repair offerings. For example, this is a good company to use when planning for retirement. Satisfied customers also rate this company favorably for the assistance provided for homeowners and individuals who need to purchase a car. The credit restoration services are integrated with all three of the major credit reporting bureaus. Customers can obtain customized solutions based on current circumstances, strengths and weaknesses. This company also uses in-house lenders and realtors to facilitate homeownership.
  1. JMax Credit Repair provides essential support to individuals who need to repair their credit score. This business is organized as a sole proprietorship, and it received accreditation from the BBB in 2016. A positive customer review revealed that JMax was effective in helping the customer become a homeowner even after having credit problems. The business also focuses on client education, which is an effective measure to ensure long-term maintenance of the credit repair services. This is a viable option for consumers dealing with tax liens, foreclosures, bankruptcy, garnished wages, repossessions and other judgments.
  1. Key Credit Repair offers a range of credit repair services for individuals struggling with financial setbacks. The company provides assistance to prospective homeowners by removing common barriers. Obtaining the status of a homeowner can provide liquidity, but overcoming these hurdles is often too much for a consumer to handle alone. Customer reviews reveal that Key Credit Repair is competent in actually repairing their customers’ credit scores. These repair services are essential for anyone looking to finance a car or a home. Customers also report the friendly and professional manners of the service providers. This company has high ratings from many customers, and it maintains an A-level rating with the BBB.

Credit Repair Companies, BBB

These credit repair companies meet or exceed the base standard for accreditation set forth by the BBB. This includes a commitment to resolving any disputes with customers in a timely manner. However, accreditation does not include any type of independent evaluation of the company’s services. The accreditation also does not indicate that the BBB vouches for the quality or efficacy of the rendered services. Customer reviews are helpful for validating the ability of the credit repair company to provide quality services that obtain results. The BBB ratings should be interpreted as a measure of fairness in the way each credit repair company resolves disputes or handles complaints.